Tally Shorts Film Festival
Co-Founder, Programming, Art and Marketing Director
Founded in 2011 with the goal of bringing a unique art and cinema experience to Tallahassee, Florida as well as providing an avenue for local filmmakers to network and showcase their work. Tally Shorts has steadily grown over the years to become one of the premiere events of the city. www.tallyshorts.com
Marketing Director:
As marketing director I develop a comprehensive strategy to maximize the visibility of the festival and grow attendance each year. This includes a coordinated social media blitz, contacts with local traditional media, and an abundance of guerilla marketing tactics.
Art Director:
As art director I lead a team of designers in establishing a new look and feel of the festival each year. I ensure that all design needs are met by assigning tasks and coordinating with outside vendors.
Programming Director:
As programming director I developed the criteria for film selection and lead a team of over 15 programmers in watching, reviewing and rating hundreds of films. I also set-up, maintained and coordinated the submission platforms to accept films from all around the world. In this role I was required to find, network and liaise with industry experts to serve as festival judges and determine the winning films.
Below is a small sample of photos and posters from over the years
Independent Filmmaker
The Greater Good (Feature Documentary)
I directed, produced and edited this documentary which is an exploration into the state of primary care in Florida and how limited access to health care is having an adverse effect on the health of our society and economy. The film also follows Dr. Daniel Van Durme and his quest to build a clinic in Tallahassee, Florida. This film is a work in progress and is going to be extended even further. 
View the current state of the film below
Lucky Break (Short Narrative) 
Lucky Break was my first short film which I directed, produced and edited.  The film is about a young man who begins seeing unique messages inside fortune cookies. The fortunes help at first, but all is not what it seems. The fortunes soon turn menacing. Now, he must do as the fortunes ask, or risk the consequences. "Lucky Break" appeared in over 20 film festivals around the world and won "best short" at the Florida Panhandle Film Festival and the Synerfest Film Festival. IMDB page.
View the full film below
Specimen 0625c (Short Narrative) 
Specimen 0625c is sci-fi adventure about a man and young girl are forced to repeatedly crawl through a mysterious maze not knowing who captured them or why, but they are determined to find out. I wrote, directed and edited the film. The set was custom built by an extremely talented volunteer crew.  IMDB page.
View the full film below
Pure Evil (Short Narrative) 
Pure evil is a psychological thriller in which Reverend John Cole is a beloved man by his wife, his children, his congregation. But he has a secret. Once a week, every week, he locks himself in the basement. Nobody else is ever allowed to go down there. What is John doing? What is he hiding? Today, his 12-year-old son Jake has decided to find out. "Pure Evil" won best in show at the Reel Terror Film Festival. I directed and edited "Pure Evil."  IMDB page.
View the full film below
Game Designer
Sillysoft Games
Sillysoft is an independent game developer known for the game Lux Delux, an adaptation of the board game RISK.  Sillysoft received an Independent Games Festival nomination in 2005. Their follow-up strategy game Lux Alliance (originally titled Castle Vox) was a 2010 IndieCade Festival finalist. Sillysoft has recently been releasing games for mobile devices.
Design Lead & Cartography:
As design lead and cartographer I develop in-game strategies and assist in gameplay development for various games. I am also in charge of designing maps, boards and levels as well as the UI/UX for both traditional and mobile games.
Below is a sample of some game levels and interfaces

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